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As your friend, hair problem advisor and hair professional, we constantly provide recommendation, treatment, monitoring of your scalp conditions and relevant advice to your needs.


We are equipped with the microscopic scalp analysis device. This defined scalp analysis procedure enhances the monitoring of customers’ treatment process, enabling any changes of scalp and hair particles.

The scalp analysis service is now available in all outlets of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment.

Misconception of Scalp Analysi
Most consumers have the mindset that these scalp analysis can detect what is wrong with the scalp and the problem causing hair loss. This is mistaken, as the scalp analysis merely assist in the enlarged inspection of the scalp, which enable us to see the current hair condition i.e. clogged pores, oily scalp or dandruff etc. These observations might just be the symptoms, and not the problem.

In-dept study on a person’s eating habits and lifestyle are required to fully understand the hair problem.


The weather in most Asian countries tends to be hot and humid. Therefore, people tend to sweat easily, causing oily scalp problem which eventually leads to hair loss. Bee Choo Origin treatment targets at oily scalp problems.

Through our herbal treatment, customers have seen reduction in hair loss and reduction in oily scalps in just two treatments. Through market research, we have also enhanced our herbal cream over the years. From four to five treatments to see improvements, we have re-formulated our products and our customers can now see results in just two treatments.

We continue to keep up changing trends and expectations through constant research, finding ways to improve the quality of our herbal cream. With top quality Chinese herbs and our direct import of herbal powder, we ensure our customers of the best quality and services.