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    Healthy hair starts from healthy scalp
    Reasonable & affordable price
    Safe on pregnant women & children
  • 4 Treasures of Healthy Hair
  • Origin is to provide safe,
    healthier and natural hair care
    treatment services and
    hair care products to those
    consumer who is facing white hair,
    hair loss and oily scalp issue.
     Controls oiliness
     Promotes hair growth
     Covers grey hair
     Treats dandruff problem
     Treats hair loss problem
     Improves hair condition
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     Ng Wai Cheng
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     Pine Tree Hotel, Batu Pahat
     Kim Hong 金鳯
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  • 如何为您的肾脏把关 Sun, Jul 23, 2017, 9:00am to 12:00pm

     Yong Peng Outlet
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     Villa HoteL, Segamat (TBC)
     +6012-795 8032

Origin Herbal Hair Treatment was founded by Madam Cheah Bee Chew (Bee Choo) in 2000. It adopts an ancient formula using 100% natural herbs mixture without any chemical or preservative in producing Herbal Paste Product. Its products are specifically designed to improve hair condition.

Madam Cheah's business path began in Singapore. Began with a humble house with a stand alone steamer and a chair only, over the years, she has gained trust from customers. Her home-based business then moved on to a bigger shop, establishing 5 more shops in Singapore, 48 franchises/licensees in Malaysia and to other Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Our Services

As your friend, hair problem advisor and hair professional, we constantly provide recommendation, treatment, monitoring of your scalp conditions and relevant advice to your needs.


We are equipped with the microscopic scalp analysis device. This defined scalp analysis procedure enhances the monitoring of customers’ treatment process, enabling any changes of scalp and hair particles.

The scalp analysis service is now available in all outlets of Origin Herbal Hair Treatment.


The weather in most Asian countries tends to be hot and humid. Therefore, people tend to sweat easily, causing oily scalp problem which eventually leads to hair loss. Bee Choo treatment targets at oily scalp problems.

Through our herbal treatment, customers have seen reduction in hair loss and reduction in oily scalps in just two treatments. Through market research, we have also enhanced our herbal paste over the years. From four to five treatments to see improvements, we have re-formulated our products and our customers can now see results in just two treatments.

Our Products

treatment process


We are equipped with the latest microscopic scalp analysis device from Korea which can view up to 300 times that we cannot see with our naked eye. This defined scalp analysis procedure enhances the monitoring of customers’ treatment process, enabling any changes of scalp and hair particles.


The paste applied during treatment is made-up of 100% Chinese Herbs. The whole process will take about 2 hours which includes applying of the paste, steaming, washing and waiting.


Our products ranges from Hair Crèmes, Tonics, Oils, Shampoo and Conditioners suitable for different types of hair.


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